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Classmate Profile: Sue Larson (Haller)

Where are you living these days?
Current City: Goshen
State: CT
Country: Litchfield
Married with children?
Spouse/Partner's Name: Pete Larson
Children: one dog named Holly
More about you...
Website URL:
Occupation: grade 4 teacher
Company: Goshen Center School

I am so happy! I just got married last weekend (10/4/08). We had a lovely outdoor wedding in Goshen. I moved to Goshen from New Milford in April and I am working at the elementary school in town. I am enjoying my life very much. I have only kept in touch with a few people since school and most were at (or in!)my wedding last week. I am very busy between teaching, the quilter's guild I joined in town and Special Olympics. I was a bocce coach this summer and now I am helping out with a bowling league. It is definately fulfilling and is a great way to give something back. I have so many blessings that I want to share them with other people. My husband and I recently adopted a yellow lab from the pound in Canaan. She is a wonderful dog. So far we don't have any kids but that seems okay since we have only been married a week! Life is good and I am enjoying everyday. My friend always tells me, "Have a nice day unless you made other plans." I try to savor each day.