(General area, not specific address)
Kenai River, Ak 2008
Ally & James
Marlboro Ranch, Mt 2006
Mokulmne River, Ca 2007

Classmate Profile: Deborah Mergenthaler

Where are you living these days?
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State: Ca
Country: USA
Married with children?
Spouse/Partner's Name: Jeff
Children: Ally, 1998
James, 2000
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Occupation: Domestic Engineer

After High School, I moved back up to Alaska. I experienced a lot of things in my early 20's including hunting, fishing,skiing and snow machining all over the state. Career wise, I succeeded in owning a restaurant/ bar. In 97' I came to northern California on vacation and met my (future)husband, less than a year later, I moved here and I have resided since.