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my stunning wife
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My youngest, Madison
Justin and his championship trophy
Justin racing
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Classmate Profile: Dan Hatch

Where are you living these days?
Current City: Lakeside
State: ct
Married with children?
Spouse/Partner's Name: Melissa
Children: Jamie, 1993
Justin, 1998
Madison, 2000
More about you...
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Occupation: Carpenter
Company: Dan Hatch Carpentry

I joined the carpenters union as a teenager and after about 15 years I started doing it on my own. I was never any good with people telling me what to do anyway. I met my wife at a motocross race like 100 or so years ago and now we have two daughters and a son. I still race mx and my son does it with me too. This past year was really cool- we both won championships and for the first time in four years I didn't brake any bones (knock- knock). My almost 16 year old daughter used to snowboard with me alot but now she would rather hang with her friends and go on dates. errrr!! And my youngest wants to be a tennis star. I own a old farm house in a very small town that I've been renovating for 14 years. Just one more addition and I think I'll be done.