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Typical Bro and sis chase/race/battle!
Lucas, Ice Cream with Grandpa!, Sascha in HH,SC
June sunset, Stefan and I
it's a rainy Summa--means Good Luck at this wedding!

Classmate Profile: Annemarie Altadonna

Where are you living these days?
Current City:
State: Vt
Country: usa
Married with children?
Spouse/Partner's Name: Stefan Richter
Children: Lucas, 11
Sascha, 8
More about you...
Website URL: fb

ok...this is for Sharon McG and others who asked...since 1989...hmmmm....went to UVM...played more f.hockey,skiied, traveled by Eurorail with Tracy Z!1990,met my main man Stefan skiing@ Sugarbush,traveled xctwice, moved to Whitefish, Mt.1yr(worked and skiied) , then back to Vt. to use my Ed. degree1yr, moved to SLC, Utah because of those gorgeous Wasatch Mtns., worked at Alta,Snowbird, went to Massage Therapy school, got married1996 in Alta , little Lucas(now 11!) came along, we waited for daddy to finish Architecture School at Uof U, then moved back here to the NE where it's totally homey, and Sascha, my daughter, was born, an easy homebirth(9yrs ago!) in Bristol,VT.
We live and work and play a half hour south of Burlington, Vt. just off Rt.7, enjoying the Green Mountains, the small schools, the rivers and Lake Champlain.
Please call if y'all are in the area, I'd love to reminisce and feel young again...