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Classmate Profile: Jeremy Humiston

Where are you living these days?
Current City: saranac
State: ny
Country: usa
Married with children?
Spouse/Partner's Name: jessica
Children: 3 kids sarah born in 1993 tyler born 1995 and stepson trent born 1997
More about you...
Website URL: facebook
Occupation: communication
Company: charter comm

Got married once back in 95 for 2 yrs divorced had 2 kids daughter named sarah who's 15 yrs old son tyler 13 yrs old. 10 yrs later met the women I married she had a son named trent 11yrs old. Been with my wife for 9 yrs. Married for 3 yrs move to saranac new york. I play in a rock band named BlackBrook I play bass, elec guitar,piano,and drums also sing for the band its alot of fun. All 3 of my kids play sports. both of my boys got mvp of the year up here. My 11year old is a quaterback. My 13 year old plays all positions but mainly a running back. My daughter is the softball super star. Its real nice to see them do well in the sport they love sports. Trying to teach them how to play drums, guitar, piano and bass. So music stays with them forever.And all 3 of my kids got me back in to skiing tried snowboarding thats not going well.But the skiing is.theres enough snow up here to last till june.