(General area, not specific address)
Our Wedding Day 6/13/04 - Club Getaway, Kent CT
Honeymoon June 2004 - Kauai (Hawaiin Islands)
Chiang Mai, Thailand - Feb. '06 - Me w/
Traditional Waht Buddhist Temple in Thailand
JourneyDance Teacher Certification - Graduation Day Oct. 2006 - Me & Toni Bergins (Creator of JD, my friend and now my boss!)
Aug. '08 - JourneyDance Tour (hee, hee, I love these business trips) "Harbin Hot Springs" Northern California
Me & Trev relaxing poolside @ Mom & Jack's House in Port Charlotte, FL Feb. 2008
1st Baby on the way - Baby Shower Nov. 2008 (due date Jan. '09)

Classmate Profile: Pam Holick (Czajka)

Where are you living these days?
Current City: New Milford
State: CT
Country: USA
Married with children?
Spouse/Partner's Name: Trever Holick
Children: Currently pregnant with first child, don't know the sex, due in January 2009!
More about you...
Website URL: www.handmadehealing.com, www.journeydance.com
Occupation: Massage Therapist, JourneyDance Teacher
Company: Hand-Made Healing Massage Therapy

Where do I begin, Graduated from WCSU w/ a BA in Graphic Design. Worked at CBS Cable until they merged w/ Viacom and I was offered a new position at MTV Networks as the Graphics Project Manager for the Creative Design Team! I took the amazing opportunity since it was in Times Square NYC on the 30th floor of the MTV Building! FANTASTIC Experience & I met some great music artists like Faith Hill, Dixie Chicks etc. (yep, County Music Division). Left after 9/11 and also left the world of corporate politics after 2 more years when I started my own Massage Practice after 2 yrs of training. Married my best friend Trever Holick 1 week after sitting for my National Boards and that was already 4 1/2 years ago! Gosh...... Then I became a Sports Massage Therapist for animals, by Equissage Inc. and wanted to add more to my practice so I travelled across the globe to Thailand for a month. 2 weeks of training for Thai Yoga Massage & 2 weeks to travel the rest of the country ...... AMAZING place!!! I since have added Level 1 Reiki for Animals & Healing Touch for all bodies. As you all know I love to dance and have become a Certified Dance Teacher for JourneyDance which is a form of Transformational Healing through movement. As a second job, I have also become the Manager for JourneyDance as of a year ago! Yep, I'm busy, I'm loving the healing world, I love my husband and cannot wait to be a MOMMY!!!