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Classmate Profile: Kevin Collins

Where are you living these days?
Current City: Las Vegas
State: NV
Country: USA
Married with children?
Spouse/Partner's Name: Christina
More about you...
Website URL: facebook
Occupation: Truck Driver
Company: Pepsi

ok, so I left NMHS. I went into the USAF> Did ten years. Got married at 19 yrs old. SHE WAS EVIL. believe me. So I reinvented myself. Went into many transportation jobs, but finally found my niche in big trucks. Owned my own for 5 years, and had the best time with my best friend SMOKEY> yeah, he pasted this past spring. Anyways, I stoppped in Vegas one weekend and found a tourist that I fell in Love with. Sold my truck and U-hauled my ass out to Vegas to be with her. Five years later here we are and six years later we will be there. Can't wait for July.